Reach hundreds of millions of people who do shopping related searches on Google each day

Last year Google introduced Discovery ads as a new way to help people discover and engage with your brand as they scroll through their favorite content. In April, Google made Discovery ads generally available for all advertisers globally. For the first time, you can reach up to 2.9 billion people as they explore their interests and look for inspiration across multiple Google surfaces—all with a single, easy-to-use campaign.

Working closely with Google Design Team and GPJ, we built the identity and developed a complete brand guide, establishing rules for internal & external teams to work with the identity and create materials that could express a consistent brand image.

We crafted a series of delightful animated spots, taking Google’s iconic primary color palette and evolving it with a new cast of characters, fluid transitions and animated environments. On top of developing an entire robust and versatile system of visual values, we were tasked with creating characters that were true to “Google” – friendly, relatable, flat graphic, using solid primary colors, yet with an additional layer of dimension and depth within that 2D aesthetic.

We explored a wide variety of body shapes, skin tones, line and fill textures, finally settling on a refreshing and trendy approach, that landed us in a more adult and nuanced world, while staying instantly recognizable as Google.

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