17Sigma, a recently created Latin American venture capital company to promote the next generation of regional leaders and companies. It will primarily focus on embryonic startups looking to raise pre-seed and seed rounds and occasionally Series A funding.

17Sigma team worked alongside Cresci's Agency, co-creating with Pierpaolo Barbieri and Bianca Sassoon, the branding identity and communication of the new Latin American investment fund, which focuses mainly on capturing 17Sigma events companies and talents all around Latin America.

Any event that is extremely rare, beyond the sixth standard deviation in a normal distribution, is known as a six sigma event. The probability of such an event happening would be about [2* 10^(-9)] or twice in a billion.


Video Manifesto

Short Version

In the short version of the manifesto video, we decided not to use VO, we were looking for more impact and a more dynamic rhythm in a short time piece. We explore animations with the texts combining them with the main montage.

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